5 Slot Machine Strategies To Play Like a Pro!

5 Slot Machine Strategies To Play Like a Pro!

Slot machines bring 70% of all gaming revenue. That means, a lot of people come home with no money after visiting casinos. In old days, they were used to keep the women busy, while the men bet the real money on table games. But now, they bring the real money, and they are now being played by both men and women of all ages.

There is no secret that guarantees win every time you play slot machine. And, any claims that are made promising you can beat slot machine is completely fraudulent. So, avoid all those scams because slot machines are programmed to payback less than the money it puts in. In simple words, if you’ve a slot machine, then you’re guaranteed to make money. However, there are few strategies which can help you increase your chances of success.

#1: Determine Your Bankroll Before You Get to The Casino

It’s the most important tip. Before you sit down to play a slot machine, you must determine how much money you’re prepared to lose. You need to assume that you’re going to lose all your money, I’ll try my fullest to keep that from happening, but you also must be prepared for the worse case scenario here. Just make sure that you’re ok with losing all money and if not, decrease your amount. Use the bankroll that you have and do not have any access to your other money.

#2: Difference Between Class II and Class III Machines

Most casinos in gambling industry use class II slot machines instead of class III. The class III machines are known as Vegas-style slot machines. However, the slot machine producing companies have developed class II slot machines that look just like class III slot machines.

Why is that a problem? The class II machines were developed against the laws, but the slot experts figured out how to side-step the law. The class II machines they develop today looks and play exactly like a regular class III slot machine, but internally it is different.

Any Class III slot machine compulsorily has a random number generator (RNG). This RNG makes sure that each spin of the slot machine made is completely random. The important part for you as a player is to play on a machine that is truly random and not programmed into machine. The jurisdictions are often tested to ensure that this holds true. So, my advice is to make sure you play on a machine that is a class III with RNG.

#3: Divide Your Overall Bankroll into Session Bankrolls

Once you’ve decided your total bankroll for your trip to casino, split them into session bankrolls. You can decide this based on length of time you’re gonna stay at the casino. Suppose if you go to a casino at Saturday morning and plan to leave on Sunday lunchtime, then you should split your overall bankroll in four sessions of equal amount and make sure that bring only that much amount with you during the session.

#4: Set Strict Win Limits

You may know a person that never comes out of a casino as a winner. This person will hit mini jackpots or may be a large jackpot, but eventually he/she will end up coming home empty handed. The reason is, they do this by playing carelessly.

Anyways, follow this win limits and it won’t happen to you. If at any time, you double your bankroll, end your session right away. Even if it’s the first spin, go to your room, put winnings in safe place where it won’t be used. Then you can return to slot with original session bankroll.

After two hours, cash out. Put the remaining money in the ‘win’ pile.  Remember, you already have determined your bankrolls and sessions so the winnings from those sessions needs to be put aside to make sure you leave casino with some money in your pocket.

#5: Slow Down Your Speed Of Play

If you’ve noticed, the slot machines in casinos are getting faster everyday. From casino’s perspective, the more spins the more money. So, make sure that you slow down your play. Order a drink and sip as you play or strike up a conversation with next person sitting on the next machine. Whatever you need to do to slow down your speed, do it.